April 17th, 2023

We’ve Moved!

Sup party people! Just a little update in case you missed it. We have changed office locations, the new digs are: 6651 N Sidney Place Milwaukee, WI 53209

(Some of the locals might recognize this as Glendale, but this is the technical address)

I’m still working on getting my address updated everywhere digitally, so if Google still has the old address it’s because I am waiting on a postcard from Google, because that’s literally how changing a business address works. Huge tech conglomerate beholden to the almighty postcard, amazing times we live in. 

**Please text me when you arrive** as there are no receptionists here, but you will most likely be greeted by very good boy Norbert, who is a ridgeback mix, so his hair stands up, but he’s very sweet and just wants to be your friend. If you don’t like dogs he can stay in the owner’s office, he just normally roams about and greets everyone. If my door is closed and I have a “do not disturb” sign up, that means I’m in with a client and you can wait at the table in the main lobby, and I’ll get you at your scheduled session time (+/- 5 min, cuz y’all know I run late sometimes). 

Questions, concerns, just reach out and we’ll work through it!