I grew up in a sports family, playing multiple sports from a young age and watching my siblings play while my parents were also coaching. I played volleyball while at the University of Minnesota, and got to play with and against incredible players who have gone on to play professionally or coach at top level schools. As a coach, I coached club volleyball for many years before joining a coaching staff at a Division III college that won four conference championships in five years, along with two trips to the NCAA tournament.

My personal experiences both as a collegiate athlete and a coach have given me a lot of unique insight into the wide world of sports from multiple perspectives. I work with athletes who are looking to perform at a higher level, dealing with burnout, recovering from injuries, and are navigating the recruiting process to play at the next level. I’ve worked with athletes who got cut from their JV team all the way up to seeing athletes I’ve worked with compete at the Olympics. I’ve been a part of championship teams both as a player and a coach. 

My training in systems therapy (think of a team or a family as its own ecosystem) has been invaluable, as being trained how to work with the many moving parts in a couple or family is very similar to working with team dynamics. I love the opportunity to work with coaches or program leaders, working on changing culture, resolving team conflict, and using sports as a tool to nurture healthy lifestyles.